The Local Market - Spring Edition @ Citywalk

The Local Market - Spring Edition @ Citywalk

The Local Market - Spring Edition @ Citywalk

Citywalk Sudirman Ground Floor & Level 2

29 - 31 March (10 AM - 8 PM)
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  • Dear Friends of The Local Market, Spring is finally coming. Look how nature keeps reproducing itself, it knows that in order to sustain life, it needs all the seasons. It needs to let go of what it no longer needs in Autumn. It allows deep rest in winter, in order to have the energy in Spring, and to enjoy the abundance of Summer. Each cycle is valid and needed to propel itself forward. 

    At The Local Market, you are all starting to really really feel like family. You might be surprised, but I look forward to every single market welcoming old friends and making new ones.  With signs of new life, we are giving opportunities for new beginnings. 

    So my friends, this Spring Edition of The Local Market is about planting and growth, let me encourage you to plant an inspirational dream of your own. Like a perennial, it will take time for it to grow to its full potential. Plant it with faith and take care of it, someday  the harvest will come.  Then, if only for just a few minutes, sit back and see all the beauty that surrounds you. Smell the flowers, reconnect with family and friends, feel the warm sunshine on your face and the Spring breezes that blow. Find beauty in the rainy days knowing the purpose they serve. 

    We invite you this spring to come join us again as we celebrate rebirth and renew our commitment to the season.  The Local Market is the perfect place to come and escape your hectic world. If you have never visited us before, this is a great time to experience all we have to offer.


    Citywalk Sudirman - Ground Floor & Level 2

    Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav 121



    The market will be held on

    Friday, March 29th to Sunday, March 31th.

    Time : 10 am - 8 pm.

  • The Local Market @ Citywalk Sudirman


    Citywalk Sudirman Ground Floor & Level 2

    Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 121



    The market will be held on 

    Friday, March 29th to Sunday March 31th.

    Time : 10 am - 8 pm.


    Early Bird : Get discount 10% Until February, 15th

    Close Registration : March, 19th

    Last Payment : March, 19th


    Art and craft : 1.900.000

    Food : 1.600.000

    Out of Jabodetabek - Bandung : 1.300.000


    Art and craft : 2.850.000

    Food : 2.400.000

    Out of jabodetabek - bandung : 1.950.000




    Ku Ka Cashlez Payment


    General informations

    Table position and or layout will be determined by the Operators:

    - Space size is 150 cm x 200 cm. 

    - Table size is will be about 80 cm x 120 cm.

    - Vendor must be conscious of their neighbour's space to not block others

    - Vendor may bring your their own display to fit within the allocated space. Please be aware of your neighbours not to obstruct passage.

    - Electricity is available for Rp 250.000

    - Owner of the Brand is to be present for 3 days of the market.

    - No stool is provided, you may bring your own stool to fit within your space or rent from us.


    - Food and beverage booth space is 150 cm x 200 cm.

    - The food and beverage vendor may request a table if needed. Table size is will be about 80 cm x 120 cm.

    - Electricity is available for Rp. 250.000.

    - No open fire cooking at The Local Market at Citywalk .


    - If you are interested to create a class/workshop, please contact with our Operator.


    Please register online at We will email you once your application is approved. If you do not have access to the website, you may contact us at 081295077024 & 081280061893 or for us to send you a copy of the registration form.


    Vendors are required to participate in the market for the full 3 days. Vendors that arrive late or leaves early will not be invited to participate in the future events. This is a very firm policy. Please have your stall set up an hour before the start of the market.


    Payment for tables will be through our online payment system using bank transfer. Advise us if you need to make any cash payment. We do offer cashless check out system for your customers on the days of the market. Customers will be able to pay using their credit cards, bank transfer or pay using cash. Please advise us on the form provided after approval if you require this service.

    Sales tax is the stall holders own responsibility.  We do not collect sales tax for you.


    All tenants who are using their own edc must pay an extra Rp250,000 for electricity.  Tenants who would like to use our easy payment system for all their sales are encouraged to do so and to be registered with us into the system. We do not register any last minute request on the day of the event.  

    Transactions are carried out in the cashier area provided by the Operators. 5% fee for all transactions.


    After approval, you have to send us  photographs of your products (we  will only accept high resolutions file) for us to include in our advertising. We will also do a custom poster for you to post on your own social media accounts. Please be advise multiple revisions are not accepted.

    Available Parking Area

    All vendors have to pay 50.000 IDR for 3 days parking pass and should inform the committee to get a special parking card.

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The Local Market - Spring Edition @ Citywalk
The Local Market - Spring Edition @ Citywalk
The Local Market - Spring Edition @ Citywalk
The Local Market - Spring Edition @ Citywalk

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