The Local Market - Spring Edition 2023

The Local Market - Spring Edition 2023

The Local Market - Spring Edition 2023

Urban Forest Cipete

10 - 12 March (10 AM - 8 PM)
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  • It’s already approaching February and we have already seen lots of sunshine and enjoying a lovely taste of Spring. Granted,  in Jakarta there really isn’t a large difference between rainy season and it is a wee bit early to confidently shift into the upcoming season. But the seasonal change is on the horizon—which I find incredibly exciting and life-giving. As I enjoy the warmer temperature and the glorious sunshine, I am reflecting on my experience of new beginnings. We all experience countless new beginnings over the course of a lifetime. Some welcomed, some not. In fact, some new beginnings can be frightening to the point of emotional paralysis. But if we understand the nature of new beginnings, perhaps we can welcome these transitions in life as enthusiastically as the coming of Spring.   

    A big part of spring cleaning is letting go. Whether it is accepting what you cannot change, or leaning into the vulnerability of trying something new. It starts by making space for something to thrive. As we get the garden ready for the spring blooms, at the same time we can clear out and make the ground ready within ourselves for an awesome life ahead.

    For one weekend this March, The Local Market will be returning back to a beautiful green space in the heart of South Jakarta, Urban Forest Cipete to host our Spring Edition.  Spring green buds popping out of the grounds, colorful butterflies, chirping birds, walking barefoot on blooming grass, a new beginning is in the air.  

    The Local Market is a steaming melting pot that spices you and your everyday life through the hands of the artisans.   We offer our visitors an experience that is non other with a curated and contemporary selection of artisans, relevant to a variety of lifestyles.  Besides a great shopping experience and a community to connect with, there will be live music by Klassikhaus.  The Local Market is committed to providing the best and most transparent service we can for our vendors to ensure we are always listening, improving and evolving in 2023.

    To complete the experience, Urban Jungle Cipete, will also be open, so visitors can combine the experience with a coffee or dining on site.

    All market staff are vaccinated to adhering to health and safety standards, and providing safe and reliable access to nutritious foods necessary to a healthy community.
    Please reach out with any questions at  and stay up to date with the latest information by signing up to receive emails!

    How you can help:
    • Come to market in good health
    • Face coverings are REQUIRED! 
    • Wash hands / refrain from touching your face
    • Use Handsanitizer at our Checkpoint
    • Regulate your own social spacing
    Market Safety Measures:
    •  Limit on people per stall 
    • Plenty of signage to remind everyone to social distance 
    • Additional space via wider market aisles 
    • Frequent cleaning of market equipment
    • Proper adherence to state & county health code

    The Local Market will continues to evolve our events and offering to reduce the spread of COVID-19, through the ongoing advice from public health officials. We operate with a bounty of love and very lean budgets. Please help keep shoppers and vendors connected, and the local markets strong. Spread the message and we shall overcome this pandemic together.  


    Jl. RS. Fatmawati Raya No.45,
    Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan


    The market will be held on
    Friday, March 10th to Sunday March 12th 
    Time : 10 am - 8 pm.

  • The Local Market - Spring Edition  2023

    Jl. RS. Fatmawati Raya No.45,
    Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan

    The market will be held on
    Friday, March 10th to Sunday March 12th
    Time : 10 am - 8 pm.

    Open Registration : Feb, 5th
    Close Registration : Feb, 12th

    Reguler : 2.400.000
    Out of Jabodetabek : 2.000.000
    Sharing Table : 3.000.000

    Electricity Fee :
    < 200 Watt : 250.000
    > 200 Watt : 500.000
    please contact Ku Ka admin 0856 0007 1706

    General informations
    Table position and or layout will be determined by the Operators:
    - Space size is 150 cm x 200 cm.
    - Table size is will be about 120 cm x 80 cm x 75 cm.
    - Vendor must be conscious of their neighbour's space to not block others
    - Owner of the Brand is to be present for 3 days of the market.
    - No stool is provided but you may bring your own stool to fit within your space (bench without backrest).
    - No tablecloth is provided, please bring each one

    Please register online at only. We will email you once your application is approved. If you do not have access to the website, you may contact us at 087817967661 or for us to send you a copy of the registration form.

    Vendors are required to participate in the market for the full 3 days. Vendors that arrive late or leaves early will not be invited to participate in the future events. This is a very firm policy. Please have your stall set up an hour before the start of the market.

    Payment for tables will be through our online payment system using bank transfer. Advise us if you need to make any cash payment. We do offer cashless check out system for your customers on the days of the market. Customers will be able to pay using their credit cards, bank transfer or pay using cash. Please advise us on the form provided after approval if you require this service.
    Sales tax is the stall holders own responsibility.  We do not collect sales tax for you.

    All tenants may use their own edc machine.  Tenants who would like to use our easy payment system for all their sales are encouraged to do so and to be registered with us into the system. We do not register any last minute request on the day of the event.  
    Transactions are carried out in the cashier area provided by the Operators. 3% fee for all transactions.

    After approval, you have to send us  photographs of your products (we  will only accept high resolutions file) for us to include in our advertising. We will also do a custom poster for you to post on your own social media accounts. Please be advise multiple revisions are not accepted.

    We do not recommend parking at the venue due to incredibly limited space. We recommend taking public transportation.

The Local Market - Spring Edition 2023
The Local Market - Spring Edition 2023
The Local Market - Spring Edition 2023
The Local Market - Spring Edition 2023

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